New Moon Volturi Pic’s

Well i thought i should post up the new volturi pictures, well they are not that new they have been floating around the internet for a few weeks now but i have been lazy and couldn’t be bothered before now to do a blog containing them, but its sunday now so i have all the free time in the world lol.

So here they are, full length pictures of all the Volturi


Dakota Fanning as Jane

 I do like Dakota as jane, not too sure about the hair style but me thinks it shall be fine

Cameron Bright as Alec

Cameron Bright as Alec

 i’m fine with cameron as alec, and i love the jacket they have him wearing, can’t beat a vampire with fashion sense lol.

Jamie Campbell Power as Caius

Jamie Campbell Power as Caius

Not pratically bothered about caius, even though most people seem very happy with jamie playing him.

Michael Sheen as Aro

Michael Sheen as Aro

Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus

Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus

 the older vamps are well cast as well i think, but wouldn’t of killed them to get some hot older guy lol


 Nice piccy of them on ther nice big chairs, defo liking the look of the place


 any pic with edward in is a good pic 😀


Poor alice, and very random red gloves, suppose everyone needs a pair lol.

Not much longer till new moon now its creeping ever closer and the more pics and previews i keep seeing the more i want it to be out at the cinema now but i am sure time will fly past, well i hope it will.

Well will be posting up new pics or vids when i find them, but for now this is all i can be bothered to post lol


5 Responses to “New Moon Volturi Pic’s”

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  2. viviana Says:


  3. viviana Says:


  4. nazalia Says:

    those red gloves are so cool!!
    and i love red too!!
    and i love gloves!!

  5. Vanessa_Rose Says:

    Mmmmm, Cameron Bright as Alec is looking particularily delicious as a vampire. Then again, when doesn’t he look delicious? Whooo! Screw Teams Edward, Jacob, Emmett and Jasper, I’m Team Alec! 😀

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