Pre-ordered Figma Aeigs

Well after looking through more figmas and wot not and talking to my friend last night i decided to pre-order Aeigs,


So nice

My friend also pre-ordered her. But she pre-ordered her last night i was too lazy so i did it this morning lol. i didn’t realise it was coming in oct i thought it was later so was going to pre-order it closer to the time but as my friend pointed out it was oct so thankgod she reminded me lol, so i should be getting her while i am at uni hopefully sometime in oct 😀 can’t wait hehe.


This is the first figma i have pre-ordered, but i used otacute so i’m very happy. Cost $27.90 (£16.82) and P&P SAL $4.18 (£2.52) = $32.08 (£19) which is an amazing price hehe can’t wait till i get her, she looks wikid and max factory figmas are always amazingly nice so i know its going to be a quality figma :D. Will be a while till i get her, but thankfully not months and months away lol.


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