StrikerS Figma Signum Knight Ver Review

Well she finally arrived 2day :D, i was expecting her mon or tues but she didn’t arrive, but then she turned up today so i was very very happy. It made my day 😀



Well i ordered Signum from Otacute. for $26.50 and with P&P = $33.97 which is £20.70 which is around the price i wanted to pay, i like it under or around £20 lol.

Well i opened the box and there she was under mountains of bubble wrap lol


The pretty box

I love this box, probably because it has some purple on it and thats my favorite colour, and everything looks nice in the box and very well secure.

Well i was suprised again when i opened my package other then just seeing the amazing figma box i saw some freebies.


random food sheet and my keyring freebie

Last time i got 2 free keyrings which i did not expect but i guessed i got them because they had only just started out and i was order no53 , so i was defo not expecting to get anything this time but they did and its amazing of them. shes well cute – so now i have 3 hehe. And this time i got this kinda miniture food leaflet which is well cute, some of the stuff on there actually looks real. For this order i was No118 which shows how well they are doing saying it wasn’t tht long between my orders.

Also i got a note with the package (also got one with my other order from them) which says “Thank you for shopping with us! See you soon on” and that my order had been packed by Nakamura. i just love that name and its so sweet of them to include it. makes it feel that much more personal which i love.

Well back to the figma i ordered lol, got a bit side tracked ther lol. well i took over 120 pics but i somehow manged to trim it down to a few so here we go.


Everything out the box

 Well so far she looks amazing, and she comes with quite a bit.

Well after i took her out the plastic, i decided to build up all the weapons and take a photo to show the amount of weapon choice you get with her.


Sword, Sword in case, Flaming sword, Split sword and bow n arrow

Each of these weapons are amazing, my favourites are the flaming sword and the bow n arrow. i just love the amount of choice you have and she looks great with each weapon.

You also get two face expressions and two hair pieces with her


Two expressions and hair

I love both the expressions, they are so well done and look amazing, same again with the hair its just amazing. and such a nice colour


the sword is escaping lol


Bring it on 😀

The coloured used are amazing, everything is nicely detailed and looks gr8, even down to the ribbon in her hair can move and of course the pony tail can lol.



as i am sure you can tell with the shadows i didn’t have the best set up but my camera was running out of batteries so i didn’t have much time to fuss around seeing as i wanted to get all the photos dones at once and not have to wait for the batt to charge.


Signum with the amazing bow n arrow

Probably took this photo from too high of an angle but ow well i am sure you can see the amazingness of the bow still lol.


A nice close up

I havn’t managed to find a fault with her yet 😀 and moving all the joints is easy and smooth, and i like that she has movement in her wrist (which drossel didn’t) which really does help with positioning. does make the hands a little more triky to put in my they go in and out fine, and are very secure.


Holding the case with the sword in

Looking like she is about to pull the sword out and fight (well thats what i hope it looks like lol)


the wikid flaming sword

The flaming sword is just amazing, the colours and detail is very nice and looks even better when Signum is holding it


Business time 😀

A nice full shot of her, need the stand due to how i positioned her legs



She has her sight set on killing something lol, i do wonder wot it could be


close up

Followed the arrow more on this shot, love how it turned out


trying to set my desk on fire lol

You can see nicely on this photo the amazement that is the flaming sword, it just looks so goood 😀


sword coming across her

her i tried the sword going in the other direction with i like.


Wild thing

I think this last one is possibly my fav photo out of the tones i took, and i am displaying her with the bow and arrow for the time being i am sure it will change to the flamming sword at some point due to the epicness of it lol.

Well i have found no faults with her, everything works perfectly, all the painting is good, all the joints are easy to move and secure. nothing feels like its going to break off. nothing moves when i put her in a pose so she gets a massive 10/10, she is amazing i am soooo glad i got her, just need to get the other StrikerS girls now 😀


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