Ordered 1/144 HG Leons’s Arms Astray PMC Custom – Gundam Kit

well i decided, after much back and forth, over several different kits (if you look in the post before you shall see lol). i decided to stick to a price range and go for a relatively cheap one for my first kit then get a more expensive one later. So i finally decided and ordered 1/144 HG Leons’s Arms Astray PMC Custom.


Front view

Ordered it from HLJ its one sale at the mo Cost £5.53 ($9.23) with P&P (SAL) £4.79 ($8) = £10.32 ($17.23) which is a great price i think. it would have been about £15 altogether without the discount so around a £5 discount can only be a good thing lol.

i think it will be a really nice one as my first kit, and from the photos looks really nice can’t wait till it comes 😀

So now i have got another nice item soon to be on its way to me in the post 😀 hehe

i should really stop buying things lol, but i won’t lol


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