Which One?

well i have been looking on the web at gundam action figures among others, and of course ther are millions lol. I want to have a go at building one, because they look wikid. of course it will only be a clip together one, not one that i will have to paint etc… because i doubt i could be bothered to get everything i need lol.  I am looking for a reasonably cheap one and i have found 3 that i like but i can’t decide which one to go for.

From the kits in the other post i chose Arche but i found 2 others that i like and i can’t make up my mind lol.

1.  Gundam 00: Arche Gundam HG Model Kit 1/144 Scale

Gundam 00 Arche Gundam 1144 HG Model Kit

Front view

Arche is $13.80 + P&P $9.50 = $23.30 which is £14.45 which for under £15 i still class as cheap.

2. 1/35 Mechanic Collection: Vincent Commander type


Front view

I love the weapons and wot not that you get with this one, and the roller things that fold out from his feet  but not too sure about the cockpit on the back of the model. hmmmm i donno, but i love it from the front and the colours that are used.

Back View

ViewI like this one too lol, Cost is £4.92 ($8.21) with P&P £4.79 ($8) which = £9.71 ($16.21) which is cheaper then arche but i don’t think it looks as wikid as arche but i think its bigger which appeals to me more (i can’t seem to find the sizes of the kits in cm they just do the scale which don’t mean too much to me lol) but clearly a 1/35 should be quite a bit bigger then a 1/144.

3. 1/144 HG Leons’s Arms Astray PMC Custom


Front View

I really like this one it uses the same colour scheme as the one above except it don’t have such a cool weapon lol, but the model itself looks wikid


Front and back view


i like this one as well lol, Cost £5.53 ($9.23) with P&P £4.79 ($8) = £10.32 ($17.23) which is a great price, its another 1/144 and i can’t find any vids/pics that show how big it is, so this one would be a gamble on size unless anyone knows how big it is.

ahhhh i donno, they all rock but i donno which one to go for, think i am heading towards the last one but i donno. of course ther where tones of others ones i liked but all stupidly priced lol. a nice cheap one will do me lol, i am no good at decisions, damn them all for being so nice lol.


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