TokiDoki Gelaskin Review

Well as i am sure you read in my last post it arrived this morning to my surprise. the envelope it was sent in was HUGE i didn’t think they made hard back envelopes that big lol, but clearly they do.

I did research these gelaskins on the Internet before buying one due to i didn’t want a skin on my laptop that would damage it, or when the time came to remove it would be a pain and wreck the surface of my laptop but people only had good things to say about gelaskins. So i found myself a design that i liked and ordered it 😀

Well here it is, 15.4″ PC and Mac laptop Skin. (Cost £14.99 on eBay with free P&P)


Tokidoki Gelaskin

 As i am sure you can see, its an amazing quality image – (This is designed by Simone Legno, all i gotta say to him is THANK YOU lol) Well it has no faults what so ever and it looks AMAZING, i didn’t realise it would be sooooooooooooo nice lol. it came in a clear cover (which i took off cin as flash on a camera and that don’t go) so its well protected, in the clear folder was the skin and another piece (the back) which tells you some information and how to apply the skin.


The 'Info' sheet as i like to call it

Well as i am sure you can see it has a bit of information on it.

Explaining what a gelaskin is:

Gelaskins are removable vinyl skins for protecting and customizing your portable devices. They feature stunning photo-quality graphics ranging from fine art prints to contemporary urban images designed by our growing family of artists from around the globe. make your laptop stand out in the crowd with personalized protection from gelaskins.

Instructions on how to apply the gelaskin:

1. Clean you laptop with a soft cloth to remove any oil or dirt

2. Peel the gelaskin from its liner and gently lay it flat on your laptop

3. Slide it around until centered on your laptop

4. Press firmly (start in the middle and work to the edges)

and also some other info, the gelaskin also has an anti-scratch and anti-Uv coating which mean no scratches – well hopefully lol, i am not that rough with my laptop so didn’t really matter if it had that or not but having it is a bonus lol.

Well this is the front of my horrible looking sony vaio laptop


Front of my sony viao

Yes i did kinda take the photo upside down, but i was not really paying attention lol – and i am sure you can tell even upside down that its not pretty.

i did worry about the part that says vaio though because is kinda indented a little, but i soon found out it was no problem.

Well applying the skin took about 2secs, it was very very easy to apply, i had no problems what so ever it just lined up then smoothed on very nicely and looks absolutely mint. its hard to show the amazingness that is this skin in photographs you don’t get to see the amazing quality or the detail untill you see on in real life.

Well enough of my rambling here are the photos of the skin on my laptop


I now love my laptop 😀

Well you can put it on, one of two ways the way i have it on so its facing the right way when you are using the laptop or the other way around so when you close the laptop its facing you, but i think that just looks stupid, and my laptop is normally always open lol.

Soooooo pretty

As i am sure you can see ther is a little bit of silver around the edge but i kinda like it, and its not a mac its a PC which is slightly bigger then the Mac. And i am sure you agree having the skin on makes my laptop look 100% better. 


closed my laptop a little

The skin has a nice shine to it, but its not too shiny like some things can be – i don’t like matt finishes so this is perfect. its smooth to the touch with is also very nice. its just soooperfect. Its not going to start curing in the corners either due to the fact it is quite thick and well stuck down even though i did have a go a trying to get a corner off and once i got the edge it started to come off just fine which is what they said it would do. So i am a very very very happy bunny. I just LOVE it soooo much.


Flat view

A pic with my laptop closed, god it looks soooo amazing – i am so glad i got it, thankyou to the guy on ebay that got it in stock is all i am going to say unless i doubt i would have ever been able to get my hands on it 😀


2 Responses to “TokiDoki Gelaskin Review”

  1. Naomi Says:

    Does the skin have a bottom to it?

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