Review of Revoltech Black saber

Well she arrived today, woop. i woke up at 9.30 (which is early for me) and went down stairs and there was a package waiting for me :D, so here is the review and some select photos (i took over 120) but i somehow narrowed it down to 14 lol.

She cost only $8 on ebay and with P&P = $18 so i paid £11 for her which i was very very very happy about seeing as most places were selling her for over $20 and thats not including P&P lol.

Well of course first off is the box


The box, front, left side, back, right side

Its a very nice box,but i must say not as nice as a figma box but only by a little, its crammed with info that i can’t read lol, but it looks good.


the background of the box and the plastic with saber in

i love the background piece that you get with the box, tis very nice. Saber is still in here plastic prison at the mo lol.


Saber in her platic prison

She already look amazing and she is still in the plastic, She comes with 2 swords, and two hair pieces and of course saber.


The two swords and head pieces

The sword and headpiece on the right are my favs. they look very nice and are easy to attach.

You can feel the quality of the figure when you pick it up, its got a nice weight, don’t feel light and cheap like some things can, shes easy to move and pose, and it don’t feel like she will break when i move her but i’m not one to force, gentle encouragement is always the best way i find. I must say though that the joints are a bit stiffer then that one a figma, but they don’t move when you pose her so thats a help. shes really well made and looks amazing 😀

Now time for some photos of her out the box.


She is now ready

 I just love her, the colour rocks – its kinda a purpely blue colour, with her head piece on, wikid is my fav look. 


Saber from the back

 As much detail on the back as ther is on the front of her, the hair looks nice too


Nice close up

 Her with the other hair and the other sword which both rock but love the other sword and head piece just that bit more. i must say her face is amazing, the eyes are extreme too, very nice face.


Put your sword in the air if you just don't care 😀

 All the joints are very posable and easy to move, and they don’t move once you have put them in a position


back to my favourite look

Slightly bending the sword, she just soooo strong lol. i fixed the sword bending before i took more pics lol.


My favorite pose

 This is the pose that i am displaying her in, i just love it, i am sure it will change but for now thats the pose.


Diff angle

 As i am sure you can see from the photos she looks amazing, and even better in real life 😀


close up

 The detail on her is just amazing, it finishes her off to a T. and the materials used look wikid, even the shoes she is wearing are amazing, would mind a pair of them myself lol.


Standing on ther new home (the TV) well for now lol

 Ahhh she looks amazing, it am sure i will get her sitting on one of my motorbike models but that can be at a later date lol.


Really nice close up

This close up really shows the details i was on about, i give her a full 10/10 i have no found anything wrong with her or had any problems.

if you are thinking about getting her then do because she is amazing and great quality.

I also want to get the other version of her (Figma saber) of course ther are two versions of the other saber, the Figma and Revoltech’s version but the figma one is so much nicer that i will defo be getting that one over Revoltechs version.

well hope you enjoyed the review and photos 😀


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