Ordered Saint Cloth Myth Sagittarius Aiolos

I really have to stop buying things, i blame Otacute keep having sales and have stuff so much cheaper then other websites, but i love the site so can’t hate it lol.

So yes iv ordered Saint Cloth Myth Sagittarius Aiolos off Otacute ( http://www.otacute.com/ )


So nice and shiny

Which looks so totally amazing, and when you take the armour off you can make the sagittarius


Sooooooo amazing

They are selling him for $21.90 which is on sale from $34.90 gotta love discount 😀 which makes the item in itself around £13.40 then with P&P (SAL) $10.79 = $32.69 which is £20.53 which is amazing to say i looked at tones of other sites and on ebay and it was mega expensive, so when i saw that otacute had it for this cheap i ordered it hehe.

Well i had other figures i wanted to buy but many sites have them in stock and i haven’t been able to find this cheap anywhere, so when i saw it discounted on otacute, it was a must buy and i got the 2nd to last one WOOP so there is only one more left, well that is unless someone has brought it already lol.

The one i really really really want is Saint seiya myth cloth pegasus


It looks truely amazing which ever way you display it


The armour as Pegasus

but its soooooooooo expensive, so it would be one for later lol.

This is really going to be my last order now before uni 😦 but due to how amazing it is, its a good last buy 😀

So this one should arrive once dispatched in around 9 days, (used sal P&P) so now just got to count down the days, and of course i will be writing a review and taking tones of photos when it arrives 😀

my other packages should be arriving either 2moro or monday so i am very excited about that

thanks for reading 😀


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