Which One?

well i have been looking on the web at gundam action figures among others, and of course ther are millions lol. I want to have a go at building one, because they look wikid. of course it will only be a clip together one, not one that i will have to paint etc… because i doubt i could be bothered to get everything i need lol.  I am looking for a reasonably cheap one and i have found 2 that i like but i can’t decide which one to go for.

The first one is

1/144 HG Al-Saachez’s AEU Enact Custom Agrissa Type

1144 HG Al-Saachez's AEU Enact Custom Agrissa Type

which is well cool, once its built (as above) she can also transform into this.


which makes it that slightly more cool lol (of course i won’t have the stand) this one is £3.07 + P&P £4.18 = £7.25 (which is $11.70) amazingly cheap in my opinion – its this price due to the fact that its half price at the mo woop lol.

the second one is this

Gundam 00: Arche Gundam HG Model Kit 1/144 Scale

Gundam 00 Arche Gundam 1144 HG Model Kit

This one is $13.80 + P&P $9.50 = $23.30 which is £14.45 which for under £15 i still class as cheap, its more expensive then the other one but its got more to it.

ahhhh i donno, they both rock but i donno which one to go for, of course ther where tones of others ones i liked but all stupidly priced lol. a nice cheap one will do me lol, i am no good at decisions, damn them both for being so nice 😀


4 Responses to “Which One?”

  1. chubbybots Says:

    Get Arche Gundam mate ^^. Much more worth it. (FYI I have both kits, the enact is quite small…)

  2. meimi132 Says:

    Niiiiiice! Getting more drawn in! Since you already like building Motor Bikes, gunpla should be no problem for you. I’m guessing you have all bits n accessories for finishing the bikes, so you can use em to sand away the nubs on the plastic(they’re sooooo annoying! But I’m found a way to rid myself of the nubs altogether! :woop!:).
    Very cool ones you’ve picked btw, not sure which I’d pick either!!

    • purplezest Says:

      Yeh lol, though i might as well have a go, and yeh i have all sorts of tools from doing the motor bikes. they came on a sprue too but i just used a craft knife to get rid of the nubs on them, but that was because i was lazy and for some reason am good with a knife lol.
      and i think i will go for arche, not a buy for now though, it will be a bit later when i buy this me thinks.

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