Ordered Tokidoki discoteca Gelaskin 15″


well i have been trying to get this laptop skin for a few months now. i did order it at one point but got refunded due to the one they had left was damaged, just glad they refunded me instead of sending the damaged item.

most websites had the other tokidoki designs in but not the one i wanted (discoteca), and most websites sold it for a very high price ($39-$49) to say in reality its a big sticker lol, and i would never pay that much.

I stopped looking for a few weeks but then i remebered earlier today so i search on google with no success then i remembered that they had the other designs on ebay so i though i would try my luck. and to my amazement they had two 15″ ones. well now ther will only be one left so i am really over the moon, and on ebay it was only £15 (about $25) and free P&P which to me is a bargain and just about the amount i was willing to pay.

They are for 15″ macbooks but can also be put on a laptop (which is what i have) i have a sony vaio which i really hate the design of, would of been ok if it was black but no its silver – my old compaq laptop i loved to high heaven and it looked gr8, but i really think sony need to re-design it to something nice. and i can tell you now its was not my choice to have a sony, i had a million over laptops i wanted more but insurance companys are gay – that is all i am gonna say lol.

So anyway after my rant i am buying this to add some cuteness to my laptop, i will be a tad small but rather that then the silver i can see at the mo. i would have gone for the 17″ because you can trim them but the design would look odd if the edges were cut in an odd place – not really a design you can trim down so i decided to go for the one that would be a tad to small but i am not hugely bothered about that.

Here are the other designs just to show you. They all come in 13″, 15″ and 17″







Well its only coming from London so should take around 2-3days to get here normally they are quicker then that but i shall review it and take photos when it arrives to show you if its worth the money and if its as cute as it looks 🙂


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