Bidding on Yagami Hayate Knight Armor Ver


Yagami Hayate

Well i already have two figures in the post on the way to me i think they should both arrive at the end of next week or the beginning of the week after, but i had some more dough to spend so i though i would look for Yagami Hayate figma on the Internet seeing as the store i would get her from still have not got her in stock.

i love Yagami Hayate shes my second fav character from Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS my fav character is Subaru Nakajima except her figure is a larger scale so therfore more money so i can’t afford her at the mo 😦


Subaru Nakajima

but i still need most of the others so i shall save up and get her last i think.

Well after a few hours searching for Yagami i found a seller on eBay that is taking offers so of course i couldn’t pass up this opportunity to have a go at getting her at the price i want to pay, which being me is around £20-£22 (Inc P&P) seeing as i don’t really want to pay more then the other site is selling her for. even if they have not got her in stock yet.

So i have offered $20 and the p&p is $12.77 (which i think is quite steep) so that is around the price i want to pay. I really don’t think the offer will be excepted but i would never know if i didn’t try, if i had more money to offer, i would, but i don’t, which is quite annoying, i would have if my birthday was a few weeks earlier, but if the offer is not excepted going to have to see if its still up after my b’day on the 25th Sept and if not that the other site will finally have her in stock.

I am sure they will except or decline the offer soon

so wish me look 🙂



well the offer that i put in for Yagami Hayate was declined which i kind of gathered it would, not a total loss seeing as i can pick her up in other places but still a bummer all the same, just though i would post the outcome.


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