Nanoha Strikers figma Signum Knight Ver

i am slowly caving in, she is in stock on the site and i am running out of reasons not to buy her just now, but its not working,

she’s just so pretty and i really want her


may i just say that this is all my friends fault she has been collecting anime figures and wot not for years and i kept watching her buy news ones, they are always really pretty, i would of loved to own them but just would not pay that much money for a figure that you could not move but then after buying the figma drossel which you can play around with and move. i want them all lol, they are all just so cute and come with little accessories and extra’s that you just can’t turn down. ther is no reason to explain why i want them or even need them i just have to have them lol. She will be getting told of for leading me into the world of figmas and anime – i have actually started watching more of it, i watched the odd film and wotnot but now i watch more and search for new ones, its so annoying but so good lol.

i can see why people have such big collections and cannot explain why they have so many its just so hard to resist. and too say i am only new to the anime scene i am sure i will be dragged in much further when i tell my friend lol.

Looking at some of the amazing figures i just think wow then – well she must have come from somewhere so i search and i find the anime which to the ones i have done i love lol. i am sure they will be on dvd instead of watching them online but i think i will leave that to a later date lol.

well i am sure i will cave 2moro and buy here so they will be a 98% possiblity i will post 2moro that i have ordered her lol. we shall see, i just know if i don’t before uni and then when i get to uni shes not instock i will kick myself, very hard lol

ok little rant or whatever it is, is over now i think, well you shall find out 2moro if i do order her or not 😀


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