Ordered Revoltech Black Saber


Well i have a list of figmas from max factory and Revoltech that i want, i recently brought figma drossel which i reviewed in an earlier post. I will be posting up my want list soon lol. I always search for the cheapest price, or if some are still too high i wait for them to go down a bit, not that i am cheap i just love a deal lol.

I finally found Fate stay night black saber figma for $8 on ebay, to say most places are selling her for around $20. so in my opinion its an amazing bargain. and the p&p was only $10 so total i paid $18 and to my fellow ppl from uk £11 which is amazing a figma for under £20 in my books is worth anyones money and to cross another figma off my want list feels good lol.


I love the mask that she has

Here is some information on her – if you are that interested lol

“Saber Alter” is a fictional character from the Japanese visual novel and anime series Fate/stay night by TYPE-MOON. In the anime series Heaven’s Feel scenario, Saber was consumed by darkness by Angra Mainyu and turned into Sakura’s Servant, Black Saber. Black Saber is later defeated and killed by Shirō. The figure is 5- 6″ tall and has multiple articulation points. “Revoltech Saber Alter” comes equipped with two swords (one clear and one painted) and a mask.


I also loveeeee her face

i really can’t wait till she arrives, i ordered her on sat night, well tech sun morning lol, we shall see how long she takes to arrive normally a package from hongkong takes around 7-14 days to arrive but on an average i would say 9, iv thankfully never had to wait over 2weeks for something i ordered to arrive.

i will be doing a full review of the figma when she arrives

hope you enjoyed reading 😀


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