New Custom Header

i finally made one that i like, i have been through so many different pictures and patterns trying to find on that will look nice as a header. thank god for photoshop is all i am going to say you can make such wonderous things lol.

I finally decided on a layout earlier so i just need to tweak it till it was perfect (well perfect in my opinion lol).

it took me about 2weeks to decide on this pic of Figma Drossel, i tried many different ones but i just loved this one so here she is. this is the picture i started from.


i got ride of the background in photoshop so that i could use a different background that ones is nice but i know i can make better.

This is how the design started out, and evolved as i tweaked and fiddled with it.


Started out quite basic i knew for a fact i wanted to keep the photo on the left. then i decided i wanted words on it as well


i finally managed to pick the font i wanted to use, wanted one that is easily readble but suited my sytle, and this font nails it


i then decided i wanted some kinda texture/pattern instead of it just being a gradiant colour


i loved this texture pattern so stock with it changed a few of the setting, i then decided i wanted a shadow behind the lettering so set about trying to make an intertesting one


i then decided i also wanted a shadow behind the pic, but i thought it looked odd but i still wanted the shadow just needed a diff way to show it


so then i used multilayer and fiddled with the transparancy and got what i was looking for


I then decided i wanted this shadow on the lettering too which gave me my final design which i love

ahhhhh i just love it sooo much and i now finally have a proper header at the top of my blog not just a random one.

hope you enjoyed reading 😀


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