Fireball Figma Drossel – more photos

Well as i mentioned at the end of the last post i took a serious amount of photos (150) but i only put a select few up, which did take me forever to decide which ones should but i still wanted to post some of the other pictures so i am doing them in a new post. These ones are of me having more fun with her e,g sitting her on my model motorbikes (which are painted and wotnot by me they are kits from tamiya).

well i hope you enjoy 😀


shhhhhh, cute little pose - messed around with the lighting on this one and didn't use a flash


rocking out




Balanced her on a CocaCola bottle - was very tricky but managed it in the end


Ahhhhh the human has me, Help, Help


Bumble bee wanted to pose with Drossel, so here they are


Figma riding a Ducati, which large headpiece on


Drossel riding the Yamaha - more her i think - this is the one she is sitting on, on my shelf at the moment looking very cute

Of course ther are many many more photos but i liked these ones due to ther randomness, hope you enjoyed the pictures.

thanks for reading 😀


2 Responses to “Fireball Figma Drossel – more photos”

  1. meimi132 Says:

    Once again, :squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!:

    I love her on her little motorbikes!! Too cute!!!

  2. purplezest Says:

    yeh lol, like a perfect fit hehe, she liked that one the best – she was sitting on it up until yesterday when i decided to put her in a crazy positin lol

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