Fireball Figma – Drossel


standing on my laptop with "bunny ears"

Well i bought her, one of my friends sent me a link to a new site that she had found called otacute (link ). which i browsed and then found this figma which i instantly wanted.

of course i looked around on other sites and ebay to see if i could find her cheaper anywhere else but i couldn’t most sites she was priced around $85 which is way too much but on otacute she was only $26.50 and with p&p it only came to $33.99 which is only £20.60 which in my opinion is an absolute bargain and totally worth the money. I did go for the cheapest way of sending her though (SAL) which they said would take around 2-3weeks to get to me, which i was fine with but amazingly she came in 9days which i think is amazing. (also my friend ordered this about a day before me and went for the more expensive P&P and it got to her in 5days) so to say big diff in price not much on how long it takes to get to you.

i am not one for colleting figma’s and wot not but this figma is just amazing, and because she is a robot the joints don’t look so awkward or unnatural like they do on most figmas.


Who don't like freebies

Maybe its because I was one of their early orders(number 53!!), or maybe just cos they’re always this nice (+ they’re trying to shift some stock thats not selling that well) But my Drossel came with 2 rubber character phone danglies, which i was very delighted about,  Both very cute.  The girl on the rights outfit is very much like the Clannad summer uniform, no? i have just spoken to my friend and she says that see got 2 freebies too (she got one of the same ones as me (right one). So i must say i think i will be defo using otacute again in the future they have such good service and a cute name.


The box, front, side and back


Box contents


Figma with the big ears and the extra attachment to go in them


Her from the back, i love the little design on the back of the head-piece, so cute


Her reading - as my sister said "thats a big ass book" lol


Her with the ears without the extra attachment


shhhhhh, cute little pose


A nice superman flying pose

She is just so lovely. And I love how she can stand on her own without the help of the stand which is well cute. I just love her.

Ok. Those are pretty much most of the (best)pics. I took bout 110, but whittled it down hehe. I hope all you who have been considering a Drossel-hime will go buy one because they are well worth the money. I’m just glad I got mine in the first run, would have regretted it if not, i think you could pre order but i didn’t know about her then so was very thankful to get her now. And I did want her oh-s0 very much. Such a pretty design.

well i hope you have enjoyed reading, i am going to do another post with some other pics that i took of her which i didn’t include in this post – due to my not wanting to put too many photos in each blog cin as i hate waiting for a page to load so don’t want to have to torture anyone else with a slow loading page.

thanks for reading 😀


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