My tokidoki style bags

well i am not one for paying over £100 for a TokiDoki bag, even if the print is the cutest thing i have ever seen lol. but fake ones are all over the place and just as cute – clearly there are very big diferences which anyone could notice but the quality is still high. And fake tokidoki is more likely to be found in uk shops then real.

i got my first one at the begining of this year. this is it only cost me £10 which compared to the cost of real tokidoki is a bargain and about the amount i am willing to spend on a bag this size.


front of the bag

i have been using it 24/7 for my bag since i got it, not very practicle for uni i must say lol but i managed. of course now the back has worn down a little due to the fact that i wear it so much but its so cute and i love it.

it has so many compartments as well, which has been a huge help.

now onto the new one i recently purchased, i didn’t mean to i just saw it so therefore had to buy it. i got it from a shop in meadow hall in shefield. cost me £12.99 which is slightly more then i paid for the other bag but its much bigger and thank god it is because now i have a good size bag for uni instead of trying to cram everything into a small bag.

well not to keep you waiting anylonger here are the pictures.


Front of the bag


Close up of the front


Back of the bag

As i am sure you can see it has a piratey theme which i love cin i as i am a fan of pirates and vampires so to get a tokidoki style bag with a pirate connection is like hitting the jackpot for me.

its a great bag and the perfect size for fitting all my books and laptop in for uni and at a very reasonable price i would recommend them to anyone. of course they could never beat authentic tokidoki bags not everyone has that kind of money to spend on a bag so for a fraction of the price i would defo get one of these, just as cute and are a great talking point. everyone seems to love them and so do i

hope you enjoyed reading 😀


4 Responses to “My tokidoki style bags”

  1. carol Says:

    can you tell me if there are still some of these bags to purchase please.if so how would i do this as i live in scotland.
    can you help
    for my desperate daughter

  2. purplezest Says:

    I would assume that they still have some instock, when i went they had quite a lot, mine is more of a pirate design.
    as for the shop, it was one of the smaller shops in meadowlane – looked a bit like a goth/emo shop, sold clothes, bags, belt buckles and so on, I think the name of it was Cleopatra but i’m not a 100% sure.
    If you can’t find them there, ebay is a good bet to find one, but these are replica bags not the actual things, so if you search tokidoki/lesportsac bag you will get mostly authentic ones which you can tell mainly by the price lol.
    hope i helped, if u need any more info i’m here 😀

  3. azngrrl Says:

    Carol & purplezest!!

    Just gotta let you know my gf showed me this sweet tokidoki website where she already bought three bags from – all under $50!! You gotta check it out –, I think they ship to UK but you better check.

    They also got cute tokidoki character clothing too!

  4. purplezest Says:

    thankyou for posting a link, huge help 😀

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