Coke Zone reward – card speakers


Well i am sure you have heard of coke zone if not its a site created by CocaCola to reward you for drinking ther products, when you buy one of ther drinks it has a code on the bottle to register/log in to your coke zone account and enter the code. The amount of points you get for a code depends on the product you have brought and then using these points you can enter competitions or get items.

Here is the link to the site

i have been drinking CocaCola for many years now and still love it.

 i love the idea of coke zone due to the fact that you can get some cool branded rewards when you gain enough points which i finally did about a week ago. i got upto 25 points and thankfully at the time when i was picking my reward they were having a sale so 50 point items were down to 25 points etc… so i had much more to pick out of for my reward.

i had a few different options i liked the look of but then i saw the flat pack card speakers they had.  (link here )

They were 75 points but because of the sale coke zone was having they were now only 25 so i thought why not and spent my points on them. i did think that they would take forever to arrive but they didn’t they turned up in my pile of mail about 8days after spending my points on them.

i must say i was very impressed, i thought the sound quality ain’t gonna be that great but it was better then i expected. i used them all the time now and due to the fact that they can be flat packed makes a huge difference the amount of places you can put them is genius.

well enough of my waffling on here are the pictures that i took to show you.


right one flatpack (inside) left one built


left one built - right one flatpack


front and back view


both speakers from the front

so as you can see, they are damn cool lol, and they are lamited strong cardboard, not that kinda cheap kind, you still have to be careful with them but even if the boxs do break in the end the speaker will still live on. so you could put them in anything and let your imagination run wild lol.

i am up to 15 points now so as i gain more who knows what will be my next reward but all i can say is i LOVE this one.


3 Responses to “Coke Zone reward – card speakers”

  1. Bill Bartmann Says:

    Great site…keep up the good work.

  2. JackAttackkkk Says:

    thanks for the review.
    i really wondered if the speakers would be worth spending my points on them. (:

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