Tamiya – Yamaha YZF-R1 – Finished

well i have been very slow posting up the final pictures of the bike, and that is due to me forgetting, but better late then never i suppose lol.

i did change i few aspects of the bike as i went along which i shall point out after the photo.

here are the final pics, enjoy


well as i am sure you can see the red of the decal does not match the red i used on the bike, which clearly indicated i used a different red lol, i did this because i think that particular red is too bright and i think the darker red looks much better. and in real life you can’t see that much difference in the two reds but on camera it looks quite a bit different.


Ass you can see on the picture above i have not painted the bit behind the wheel red this is because i think it looks better white, so its satying white, and i have decided i don’t like the matt red on the seats so i am going to go over them with a gloss red and see if that looks better.


the left side of the bike


For the exhaust on this bike you get a decal but i thought it looked cheap and didn’t really match the bike so i just painted it a gloss black which i think looks 10x better.



on the number plate of the bike you could either choose the registration or just yamaha but i put both on.



A nice view of the back of the bike, at that nice chuncky tyre

and here is my favourite photo out of the many i took28

well for the 3rd one i built i found it much easier and quicker to build it, its the first more road bike that i have done compared to the others and i didn’t prime any of the parts and i hand painted everything which i think is 10x faster then spray painting and u get the same result and it drys faster.

i must say i am still far from being an expert at it but i think i am definately improving each time. i am looking for the next one that i can have a go at. so i shall say when i find the next one i want to do.

Hope you enjoyed reading,


5 Responses to “Tamiya – Yamaha YZF-R1 – Finished”

  1. meimi132 Says:

    We two are not usual girls lol. Model kits n Figmas etc lol. Geek guys would swoon for us lol.

  2. purplezest Says:

    haha yeh, but its well fun to do, its makes it so much sweeter when you can say i built it and painted it etc… lol

  3. wayang Says:

    hi purplezest.. i have a friend who rides the real thing.. a white/red 1998 model YZF-R1.. i myself own a 2006 model YZF-R6.. also in the white/red paint scheme

  4. purplezest Says:

    wikid, iv been to a few bike events where iv seen some, they are amazing bikes and i must say the red/white scheme is defo my favourite. did try to get my dad to get one but he went for a touring bike, at least its a bit more comfortable for me to sit on the back lol

  5. tamiya modelkits Says:

    nice, i m interest with your article..

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