Tamiya – Yamaha YZF-R1

well after completing the last model it took me quite a long time to decide which one to do next but i decided on the Yamaha YZF-RI.


The box

here is some info on the bike:

At the Motorcycle Show held in Milan, Italy, in September of 1997, the Yamaha YZF-R1 supersport motorcycle made its debut. Sporting a powerful 1000cc engine, it has the compact construction of a 400cc bike. The YZF-R1 was developed for maximum possible cornering ability in a production motorcycle. With a 1000cc water-cooled, four stroke, 4-cylinder, 5-valve engine and adopting a redesigned EXUP exhaust system, it pumps out 150hp of high-intensity power. Subtle throttle control makes both superb acceleration response and rhythmic cornering a reality. The Deltabox II aluminum frame was sought after not only for its rigidity, but more so for its moderate flexibility during tight cornering. With the addition of a long span aluminum swing arm, high control ability has been achieved. By adopting an upside-down front fork, stroke distance has been increased and traction heightened. Boasting a sharp form with multi-reflector lights, the YZF-R1 has been given an unprecedented style. From the contact points between the rider and motorcycle, right down to the material used in the seat and tank, the YZF-R1 has been thoroughly studied. Of course, the abundance of high precision and high quality parts goes without saying. Designed to cruise at high speeds on winding roads, the YZF-R1 shatters expectations about large exhaust engine motorcycles. Yamaha has expanded the possibilities of a 1000cc bike.

here are the pictures as i have been building it


The engine and frame


Built the stand and added on the back wheel


added on the front wheel and suspension


added on the exhaust

i shall post the second part then the final photos in different posts.

hope u enjoyed looking 🙂


4 Responses to “Tamiya – Yamaha YZF-R1”

  1. Andries de Kock Says:

    I would love to get my hands on one of these models if some one can please let me know where i could get hold of one

  2. Andy Says:

    Hi there, any chance that you have the build manual of yamaha zfr-r1?
    If you do have one, can you send me a copy of it? I have lost mine but can’t find any on web! 😦

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