Tamiya – Repsol Honda RC211V ’03 – Valencia

Well as i said in one of my earlier posts i was going to do another model motorbike which i completed about a week ago but forgot to post the pictures while i was building it but i kinda forgot near the end of building it so it kinda does a big leap to the finished photos but its not tht major. well it took me a while to chose a new one to do but in the end seeing as i am a rossi fan that i should do one of his bikes so i decided on the  Tamiya – repsol honda RC211V ’03 – valencia bike that rossi rode in the 2003 moto gp


The box

here is some more information on the bike:

2003 MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi showed formidable speed and consistency throughout 2003, taking 9 victories out of 16 races. Scoring a podium finish in every race, he extended his run of continuous top-3 finishes to a record 22. His flamboyant performances on and off the track was best exemplified at Valencia in the last race of the season. In the Valencia GP Rossi came out on a flashy RC211V decorated in a 1970’s motif. The design was a result of a competition held by a Spanish motorcycle magazine, who had invited its readers to design a paint scheme for Rossi’s bike, where Rossi himself served as the main judge. On top of the new color scheme, the Valencia bike also featured the new triple-exit exhaust layout with silencers removed, which Honda had used from mid-season. Rossi displayed perfect riding in Valencia, taking pole position and holding the lead for the entire last half of the race. Valencia was to be Rossi’s last ride on the Honda RC211V, with him transferring to Yamaha for the 2004 season.

well here are the pictures i will post the pictures of the final bike in the next post. Enjoy 🙂

i am hand painting all of this one, unlike my first which i spray painted certain bigger parts and primed before hand on this one i am going to paint it fully by hand with no primer to see if ther is any difference and i shall say my verdict at the end.


Here is the built engine


The engine and the back wheel

The wheels are supposed to be bright orange but i just used the normal tamiya orange which is just as good, i didn’t really mind this seeing as i was changing the colour of the bike from dark blue to black – this is because i am not a fan of blue lol.


adding on the exhaust and some other parts

Here i used a clear orange on the exhaust to make more or an ‘effect’ which i thinks works well.


Underneath of the engine and back wheel,

I liked the look of the underneath of the engine so i took apic i just love how the exhausts twist round and run perfectly along the engine.


added on the front wheel and suspension

Well building this one i was slightly quicker not sure why, suppose it was because i enjoyed doing to so much. i also painted the stand red instead of black just because i could lol.

But i must say i did leave the bit on my shelf looking like this for a while due to the fact even at this stage i loved it. but of course i can always take the panels off and have it like this on my shelf again. just looks so shiny and nice lol.

well i am afraid that is the end of the building photos i took seeing as i got carried away at the end so therfore forgot to take more pictures – but i promise i shall not do this on the next one i build.

i will post the final pictures in the next post.


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