Building Ducati GP4 D’Antin Pramac

Well i finally went to the model shop in town yesterday with my sister. I had looked online before hand and it said that they did not have the model i wanted in stock (ducati GP4 D’Antin Pramac) but i still went because i could still purchase the paints and tools i needed to complete the the model, but of course i still checked and luckily they had one in – just one so that was lucky lol.  They had quite a few of the other models and i spotted another one that looked good but i am going to do this one first lol. To see if i can actually do it 🙂

Once i found the model that i wanted i looked at the instructions to see what tools and paints i needed. i looked at the paints they had they did sell Tamiya paints but they didn’t have many of the colours i wanted in-stock so i decided to buy them online when i got home – and knowing that some spray paints had been re-called so would have to dig hard to find them or buy a different brand. But i did purchase some cement, precision tweezers and some side cutters.

So this is the kit i have just brought:


The lovely box lol

‘Opens the box’

open box

Opened box

Now i am going to check that everything is in here, and yes it is here is the spread of all the parts that come in the kit:

parts in kit

Parts included in kit

Included are sprue A, B and C with two separate parts and a small bag including nuts, bolts, screws, tyres, pipe etc and then the decals (top left). also in this pic you can also see the tweezers (bottom left), side cutters (top middle) and the cement (top right) and of course the instructions (not in pic).

Now time for closer pics of each sprue

4, 5, 6

Sprue A(left), B(middle), C(left) and E is on the top of sprue B

Here is a closer pic of the seperate parts that came in the kit.

7, 8, 9

separate parts in kit

And last but not least a close up pic of the decals you get with the kit which i must say look great.


decals and sheet telling you where they all go

well that covers everything that you get in the kit.

I have also ordered all the paints online apart from the tamiya spray paints which i am not paying the earth for to get them shipped from America or where ever so i went down to B&Q and picked up some Plasti-Kote spray paints and they had the colours that i needed in so it made that simple and they were slightly cheaper lol. can’t beat saving money 🙂

Well now that i have got everything i need i shall be starting to build the kit, i will update with pictures and tell you how i am finding it as i go on.


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