Model – motorbikes (building a maisto bike)

I have always loved any kind of model my first proper model was when i was younger and my dad took me to the GP at donnington, where he brought me a superhauler (ERF Race Transporter – Ducati) which was made by Corgi.


I still have this model to this day even though it is out the box – because i rather they be on display but i keep the boxs just in case lol.

I have got a collection of VW campers 10strong one of which was a kit from Maisto. which is a very easy kit to build due to the fact they are pre-painted and click/screw together making them very simple and beginner friendly. they are normally die cast metal and plastic which look great and are produced to an high quality. i havn’t actually brought a new VW model in a while which is quite naughty of me lol.

i recently sparked up my interest again with models and model kits to which i brought another maisto kit but this time is was a motorbike. (which is prob due to my dad getting a new motorbike lol) I got the Suzuki GSX-R750 in black and purple 1:12 scale. again this is a Maisto model kit which i stuck with because i new that it would be relatively simple to build.

The instructions for building a maisto kit are very clear and simple and i am going to show how simply and quickly i built up this one – i did a photo diary as i built it up.


1. All the pieces that came with the kit

2,3 and 4

2.added top box, 3.then back of bike 4. then the seat

5 and 6

5. built up wheel and click body together, 6. added spring and wheel to main body

7 ananan

7. then clicked the top shell onto the bottom part of the bike


8. i then clicked the front part of the bike onto the rest of the body

9, 10, 11

9. i then built up the front wheel 10. and attached it to the main body

12 and 13

11. i then attached the handle bars

14 and 15

12. i then attached each of the side mirrors


The finished bike


After finishing this model i decided (due to the fact that i have some time on my hands to try and do a more advanced model kit – so yes this will mean painting and using glue lol. i have looked around at some of the many different model kits you can buy and i have finally found the one i wish to have a go at. Which is the Ducati GP4 D’Antin Pramac which i like the look of and have looked around to find out that the quality of the model is very high with very few issues when building it.


 i have never had a go at a model kit like this before so it is going to be interesting how it turns out. i will keep a photographic diary of progress and say how its going. which will be posted up while i am doing it or after. i am sure it may take me a while – well i shall find out once i have ordered it and got all the paints and glue ready lol.

if anyone has any tips for a new time model builder other then start with an easier one lol i would love to hear your advice. wish me look 🙂


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