Model VW campers

i have always loved VW and i love the old VW camper the most, i even based my A-Level graphics project on the VW camper which turned out in my favour lol and i also got to learn a bit more about the camper i loved lol.

I am a big collector of well just about anything so i started to collect anything VW camper. I have been collecting for a while now and have got some good models and related items which i love.

This is the shelf where i keep most of the VW stuff i have athough not all can fit lol.


My VW shelf

the first model i got was the one second in on the left, which is a volkswagen van samba 1:25 from maisto. i then got given a kit version of the same van but with a different design. They are both die-cast models which are both very detailed and quality items.

large vw'ss

different angles of two VW models

the nexted models i collected were the 5 smaller Vw’s – 4 of which are on the shelf.

small vw's

The 5 small VW's in my collection

The next Vw model i got was off my dad which is the green one all the way to the left on the photo which he got me when he was in france. its my second largest model, this one is made out of metal and its not the usual type but its a VW so i love it lol.

The next items i aquired were the magnet, the clock and the wall hang. which i picked up when we where down in the lakes and i found a shop filled with everything VW but of course i had to limit myself to a few things – only a student lol.

clock, mag, hang

Starting from left: Magnet, wall hang, Clock

the magnet and clock came in different designs, so that took me a while to decide which one to get but i managed in the end 🙂

My next Vw purchase was the VW’s samba van RC – which i am so glad i got. scale 1:10, in red and white.

remote con

RC VW samba van 1:10

It also has an mp3 function in the back so you can plug your ipod in and listen to some tunes as you race it around which i thought was kool, it also has working front and rear lights and the front likes have to setting the lower one and then suppose you could call it high beam lol which i though was a nifty feature. i was also quite amazed at how fast it went, i was expecting the usual speed but its quick lol, crash it a few times but no damage with i was happy about lol.

Now onto my last actual model, seeing as we have sidetracked to other VW products lol. This model is my favourite so far, i just love the colours and detailed used. Its a die cast metal collectors duluxe edition 1962 VW Microbus ‘Flower power edition’ 1:18 which i LOVE lol. here are the much needed pic to show you just how nice it is. (will be doing a post after this with tones of picture if you want to see more)

on stand

the picture tells you all lol

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂


4 Responses to “Model VW campers”

  1. rob garwood Says:

    where can i find a 23 window model

  2. vw camper hire Says:

    have you seen the new campers that VW brazil still make? You can rent them for nostalgic holidays…

  3. Caryl Spontak Says:

    Another Good wordpress post, I will be sure to save this in my StumbleUpon account. Have a great day.

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