Twilight – The book compared to the film


well now that i have finished reading twilight (i will be starting the second one 2moro (New moon), which i am looking forward to) i want to look at the differences between the film and the book.

but first i want to talk about and rate them separately, i watched the film first before reading the book – to be honest i hadn’t realised it was a book until i found it on imdb and saw that it had been a book before the film, which of course got me interested, i am a big fan of all things vampire and was quite annoyed at myself for not knowing about these books lol, but now i know – so i can enjoy the wonder.


well seeing as i saw the film first i think i should start with that, bearing in mind i hadn’t read the book before i went so had no already created characters in my head for what every character in the book should look like and the environment etc… as i am sure most people who read the book may of had. Which was like my friend who i went to go see it with so she had read the book before going so our opinions were quite different lol. I was very excited to go see the film due to it being about vampires (and of course wolfs normally come with the package lol) and i am a massive cinema buff so in i went with my slushie and sat waiting for the adverts to end as you do and then it started.


overall my impression of the film was excellent, apart from the odd wtf moment – which wasn’t about the acting more about the odd effects they used and what they should have used instead, but we will come to that in a second. the story really sucked me in, with all the character’s/ actors matching well and with a good setting, i really wanted to know everything and more, but of course it was evil and didn’t give me everything i wanted to know, but it covered all the bases. it keep me interested for the whole 2hours unlike some films where u have moments were u are thinking to yourself because its a dull moment. but this film had stuff happening all the time and from researching the film a little before i went to see it as i do with most films, i found that they had some excellent songs and rob had some of his in ther to, which i thought could be a little odd but i think all the music worked perfectly with the film, and created the right mood at the right time – which is necessary for most films and settings. i liked the film so much i went back a few days later and saw it again lol, and then had the annoying wait for it to come out on DVD which thankfully didn’t take that long and so now i can watch it in hi-def ow the joys lol.  so back to the wtf moments i was talking about, the parts that i kinda felt were a bit dodgy were when Edward ran with Bella on his back – it just seemed wrong to me, i think it would have worked a lot better if they used a camera angle where u didn’t see his legs, because it would have made it more “realistic” and no sooo, ummmm wots the word – tacky in a way i suppose. i donno if anyone agrees with that or not. But other then that small iddy biddy thing i LOVED it to bits, and i would recommend anyone to go see it or if u have already seen it go watch it again lol. 

Now onto the book which of course i read after seeing the film, so i had the character’s and setting and everything u need to create in your head nicely planted ther, from seeing the film – so of course they all became the character’s when i read it which in a way annoyed me but i thought the casting was excellent so i wasn’t that bothered – but this was before i read the book lol. i have already kinda reviewed this book in my first blog, but i had only gotten halfway at that point – but it don’t hurt to do it again lol


OMG the book was sooooooooo amazing, i haven’t had a book in such a long while that i just can’t put down no matter how hard i tried. You just have to read the next chapter, i just couldn’t put it down. The book was amazingly written and just sucked you in like every good book should, every moment something interesting and exciting was happening, which in most books you normally get at least one dull chapter but not in this book. i think that the writer has done an amazing job and i wish she would write them forever. I would recommend if u haven’t read it to go out and buy a copy and read it immediately lol.

Now its time to compare the film against the book.

Even though i had seen the film and generally knew everything that was going to happen in the book – i was reading it like i hadn’t, all excited about wot would happen next and i think that was because of how much extra was in the book, as the conversations between Edward and Bella asking each other questions, which was not in the film. Once you read the book you can see how much they just couldn’t fit in and wot they changed or altered slightly and of course some of the changes annoyed me once i read the book because the film had kinda changed certain parts that i thought would have been better kept the same as in the book. which i am sure all people that read the book before seeing the film had. But i still feel like the character’s are the right ones, rob who plays Edward ain’t perfect but i think he plays him amazingly well i am just thankful they didn’t cast someone s**t to be Edward lol – to which i can think of a few names lol, but i am sure some people can name some people who might have been better suited but how much rob put into the film i doubt that many other actors could have compared. I know that all adaptations of books get tweaked and changed in all manors and some come out completely s**t lol but i don’t think that twilight is one of them. its a different take on the book but its definitely still twilight and i love both the film and the book yes certain parts could have been better but i love it just the way it is and can’t wait to read the second book (new moon) then go see the film when it comes out which i believe to be the end of this year here is the link to the imdb page if you wish to look further.

and as a treat an imagine that i love lol :), hope you enjoyed reading



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