Random photography fun

Well i love taking photo’s if its remotely interesting i will take a photo of it lol, at the mo i have two camera’s and one camcorder of which all are used probably too much. sometimes i get board and decide to take some quite random photo’s so here is a collection of some of them (i am in no way a professional photographer – i am sure you will see, i am more the do it for fun type) hope you like and please feel free to comment :).

the first  3 pictures are of my bumble bee (tansformer) toy, and one with Sylvester the cat just because i could lol.


its a little grainy but that is due to my old camera lol,

 bumblee bee with gun

and last but not least with bumble bee with Sylvester the cat

bumble bee and cat


The colour is not so bright here due to the fact i changed the lighting,                                                 This one of course is my favourite, i did a few more like this but this is the one that looked the best, shame they are all quite grainy really hopefully with my new camera i will not have this problem, so far i havn’t which is a good sign lol.

hoped you liked them i will be posting up some more photo’s but in separate blogs due to the fact i don’t want to make photo heavy blogs lol.


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