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well since i have been at uni i haven’t really had much time to just sit back and read a good book and so i have quite a few books that have piled up that i want to read. So of course after seeing twilight at the cinema and having a big love for anything vampire i decided to read the books, i had also heard that they were even more amazing then the film and they were right.

twilight book cover

Well i am only half way through the first oneĀ at the mo (Twilight) but its amazing, its just one of those books you cannot put down, and at the end of the chapter it ends in such a way that you cannot help but carry on reading even though its turned 2am and you know you should be going to sleep but your brain just keeps telling you one more chapter go on, it won’t hurt lol. it has a way of drawing you in and not wanting to let go. Which in my eyes is always the best kinda book even though u have to deal with the lack of sleep lol, but thankfully i haven’t got any early mornings at the mo so that is not a problem. The book is just amazing the way its written and the interaction between the characters normally makes me smile the whole time i am reading it lol.

I only have the first 3 books at the moment just waiting for the 4th one to come down in price and i will be getting that. i recommend this book to anyone and everyone its just sooooo amazing and a feel good book. i can’t wait till i have read all of them and i will probably read them again just to make sure they are forever embedded in my head.

Book 1 = Twilight

Book 2 = New moon

Book 3 = Eclipse

Book 4 = Breaking dawn

if you would like more information on the books then here is the link


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10 Responses to “Twilight Book”

  1. courtneyrevels Says:

    I have read the 1st 3 three times, and the 4th once They are awesme

    • purplezest Says:

      wow lol, i must say so far the 1st one is my fav i have recently started the 4th one which i am loving so far. i think i will be reading twilight again though when i have finished the 4th one

  2. leonellamaia Says:

    They’re really great. I couldn’t stop reading. When I started Twilight, the 4th book hadn’t been released yet… so I had to wait. That was painful lol.

    • purplezest Says:

      yeh i guess i am lucky reading them late, did have twilight for a long time on my book shelf but forgot about it till the film came out and i am glad it reminded me because its an amazing book

  3. shyshy6510 Says:

    And soon to be Book 5-Midnight Sun.The first one is the best and yes I had those weird “stay up finish the chapter,or a couple” moments when I had the book.I finished the 1st one in 3 days it was hard to put the book down.

    • purplezest Says:

      3 days wow lol, thats some dedicated reading, i would have loved to read it flat out but didn’t have enough time, finished it quick enough though. i now prefer to read at night – too much to distract me in the day lol

  4. reichan15 Says:

    I just recently finish all four books plus a peak of the rumored book five which Stepanie didn’t manage to finish (too bad,it was really,really good). For me, the Twilight Saga is really great. I had a great time reading all of it. I hope you can finish it too! Have fun reading! ^_^

    • purplezest Says:

      a 5th one, that would have been cool, i heard she might be re-writing twilight from edwards point of view which would be AMAZING but i don’t know if ther is any truth to it, i do wish it is true though.
      And so far i have had a lot of fun reading them, recently started the 4th one so should be able to say i have read the saga soon enough lol.

  5. Mogavero Says:

    Do you tweet and have a twitter account so I can follow you?

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